About Us

TwistBlog is my small initiative in the blogging world. I always want to help peoples who got stuck. And I know sometimes there is no one to help people. Nowadays we have a lot of good sources like google, youtube and more where we can learn to solve our problem in your niche. By learning only sometimes doesn’t solve the problem. You need experience. 

When I was learning and working on web development. I have gone through the SEO. Then I noticed that SEO is great. If we writing content for blog or website, earning money online, making a tutorial, selling online every time we need to focus on SEO.

Who Is Behind TwistBlog

Hi, I’m Rahul from India. I am blogging as a part time. Basically, I am learning how SEO drives the business. And how we can get a good business by knowing the SEO.

So I am researching about the SEO and sharing whatever helpful to you in the form of the blog. And Initially, I am writing about the SEO, SEO Tools, WordPress, and blogging.