13 Best Keyword Research Tools But How To Find Long Tail Keywords

As we know, the long tail keyword is better for conversion. But how to find long tail keywords for website or blog using different keyword research tools. Some tools are the paid with limited keyword search per day and some are free.

In SEO, we know that content is king. And to make the content better in terms of SEO and searcher intent we optimize the page content around the target keyword.

A page content is optimized and relevant to long tail keyword leads the higher conversion. Generally, a long tail keyword has low search volume and low competition.

It has few monthly searches and doesn’t give you the traffic to the page but gives you higher conversion like sell, email subscriber.

Let’s See The Examples Of Long Tail Keywords

You can understand easily by this example that how long tail keyword looks.

Seed Keyword: Google Analytics

Volume: 1M-10M

Competition: Low

Long Tail Keyword: how to add Google Analytics in WordPress

Volume: 100-1k

Competition: Low

So you can see easily that long tail keyword how to add google analytics in wordpress containing the seed keyword. As we have noticed that long tail keywords phrase containing the more words in a single phrase.

Because of that, the less search is taken place to find this much long phrase in the search engine like google or bing. But this is more important in terms of conversion.

Some other long tail keywords examples:

  • how to make cold coffee
  • list of blogging sites by popularity 
  • hosting coupon code namecheap 

We have understood what kind of phrase is a long tail keyword.

But while content writing for blog or website page the main question is how to find low competition keywords with high search volume.

A keyword research is a necessary part before writing the content.Once we have found the keyword, we can write the content around it easily.

Same thing we need to do with the long tail keyword. For finding the long tail keyword, we first find the seed keyword. And then try to find the long tail keyword containing 3 or more word including the seed keyword.

There are different keyword research tool that will generate the variations of the long tail keyword based on the seed keyword. You can use any keyword research tool based on your requirement. Some tools are free and some are paid.

Keyword Research Tools Make Your Job Easy

Finding Long Tail Keywords Using Google 

Google’s – Searches Related To 

When we search in the google search engine for a particular keyword. It will show the result related to the search query and the suggestion below showing long tail keyword.

This is the suggestion by the google for your search query. And it shows the similar intent keyword phrase.

To find the long tail keywords, we simply add the seed keyword to the search engine.

As we have entered the term what is blogging.

How To Find Long Tail Keywords Using Google Search

When we hit enter for the result. The page showing the search result related to seed keyword entered into the search box.

AT the end of the page you will see the result like this.

How To Find Long Tail Keywords Using Google's Related Searches

Google’s – People Also Ask

Google People Also Ask

When we search something in google. It gives some other search “People also ask” in the middle of the page.

When I searched this queries in the google keyword planner the search volume is about 10-100 monthly searches.

After clicking the last phrase “How do I create a blog for free?”  Google loads two more keyword phrases. So it is very simple and easy way to get sufficient amount of long tail keywords.

Google Search People Also Ask

As we can see we have got some long tail keywords with the similar search intent. And writing content focused on that long tail keyword helps you stand in the crowd.


It is totally free with no keyword search limit. Tools appearance is like a pro.

Autosuggest is the most popular long tail keyword research tool of the Toolfeast. It gives a long tail suggestion, total search volume, CPC and other metrics.

Toolfeast Find Long Tail Keyword

Once clicking on try auto-suggest button you will be redirected to its search box for finding the keywords.

Autosuggest Long Tail Keyword Research Tool

As a free tool Toolfeast providing very useful features like monthly search trend, total long tail keyword, total search volume for the seed keyword.

Apart from this features, it is also providing other important features like search volume, search trend, CPC, Adwords competition, keyword competition, live google trend.

This is the result of the seed keyword “wordpress theme”. Autosuggest Free Long Tail Keyword Research Tool


For using this tool create your account then you can use it up to 3 searches as a free user.

Keyword Revealer Tool For Long Tail Keywords

I have used the keyword “make money” as a search keyword and see below the result containing the related long tail keywords with average monthly search, CPC, profit, word length and diffculty level.

Long Tail Keyword Search Result by Keyword Revealer

There is a filter you can apply for the results. You can also find the difficulty level for a particularly long tail phrase you wish to select by pressing the evaluate button.

Keyword Revealer Filter

Once pressing Evaluate button you will get a lot of related information about the long tail keyword you wish to select for your website or blog.

You will get the information like keyword difficulty, keyword search trend, social presence, domain strength, search engine results analysis. That will help you decide the long tail keywords.


It is providing 3 keyword lookups, 3 SERP lookups 25 related keywords per search in a day as a free user.

It is a nice tool for finding long tail keywords with SEO difficulty. As we know, to decide the final long tail keyword we need to see different metrics. And tool does it so.

Enter the keyword you wish to find a long tail keyword with country specific search is available.

KWFinder Keyword Research and Analysis Tool

We entered the keyword “make money”. And at the left side, you will see a different long tail variation of that keywords. There are different parameters there that will help in selecting the keyword.

These are a trend, search volume, CPC, PPC, difficulty level, a graph for monthly search volume. Apart from this, it is providing the Google SERP with domain authority, page authority, MOZ rank off URL, external authority links, Facebook shares, Google+ shares, SEO difficulty rank and total site visits.

Find Long Tail Keyword and SEO Difficulty by KWFinder



Semrush is not only used for keyword research but also an all in one tool for SEO. It is like one man army for SEO keyword research battle.
Semrush Keyword Research Tool

Enter your seed keyword in the search box and you will get the long tail keywords with different stats like search volume, keyword difficulty, CPC, competition, total results, and trend. I have added keyword “shoes“.

Find Long Tail Keywords Using Semrush Tool

By all the metrics you can easily judge which should be the long tail keyword for your niche.

Answer the Public

This is the awesome free tool for finding the long tail keywords. The main attraction to use this tool is ease of understanding and use. By the single tool, we can find a number of free long tail keyword very easily with different variation like.

  • Questions 

  • Prepositions

  • Alphabetical

Answer The Public Keyword Research Tool For Long Tail Keywords


This one-page visualization of long tail keywords gives different variations so we can find the best keyword for serving best user intent.

Google Trends

Google Trend is a facility provided by the google to find what trend is going on for a search term and how popular it is in different regions.

We can use this free tool for finding the popularity of the keyword around the world. It the keyword is being searched around the globe then we go for finding the long tail keywords for that seed keyword.

For example, we have searched the term “long tail keyword” in the search box.

Google Trends For Finding Long Tail Related Queries

We have got the following graph showing the public search interest over time and it is almost linear over time no heavy ups and down. So we can focus this keyword.

Interest Over Time Google Trends

If we go down at right side we find some related queries for the keyword we are searching. And we can find some long tail keyword phrase for the seed keyword “long tail keyword”.

Google Trends Related Queries For Long Tail Keywords

For the keyword “semrush“, we can see a ramp up in the graph showing good demand in the user.


Semrush Interest Over Time





It is free to use tool. It is showing the keyword suggestion from following search engine and websites.

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Bing
  • Youtube
  • Amazon
  • Answers
  • Wikipedia

How To Find Long Tail Keywords Using Soovle Tool

Now enter the keyword in the middle of a search box and get the free long tail keyword suggestion from this tool with no time. We are searching the keyword hosting.

You can find lots of long tail keywords idea from your seed keywords. I like this tool because there is no search limit for finding the long tail keywords phrase.


This is another tool with limited features for finding long tail keywords. It is providing 10 searches per 24 hours and 25 related keywords per search in a day. 

Ferzy Tool For Finding Long Tail Keywords

It is providing all important metrics that are important to decide the long tail keywords like CPC, search volume, SEO difficulty, domain age, top 13 SERP with page authority, domain authority, the number of links, linking domain, domain age and total visits.

Ferzy SEO Tool For Long Tail Keywords

Keyword Shitter

It’s very simple and small free tool with almost no big features. But still, it is good to provide long tail keywords.

Once you land on Keyword Shitter site surely you will jump to another site. This site doesn’t even have any tutorial or how to use guide about the tool.

Keyword Shitter Small Tool for Long Tail Keyword

I am finding the long tail keyword for the seed keyword “make money“. Just enter the keyword below the download button at the left side and press the shit keywords button to start searching the keywords.

Keyword Shitter a Tool For Finding Long Tail Keywords

For the keyword “make money”, it gave me more than 1000 long tail keywords. Actually, I stopped the job otherwise it would be giving more results.

There is a small filter one is positive filter and second is a negative filter.

Positive Filter: Add the keywords or phrase you want in your long tail keywords like how to and blogging.

Negative Filter: Add the keywords you want to exclude from the search results like fast.

So finally you will get the result based on the filter applied.

Surely you will be addicted to this tool because it is totally free with no search limit.

Keyword Tool

This keyword tool finds the keyword phrase that people are searching in the google search box. It can be used as an alternative to the Google keyword planner tool.

The free version Keyword tool generates around 750+ long tail results for each search term using Google’s autocomplete feature. According to its website, it is 99.99% reliable and not even required to create an account to use it. We can use it freely.

We are searching the keyword “short tail keywords” in the Google search engine and it is giving only four long tail keyword suggestions for the search term.

Now we are going to search the same keyword using the Keyword Tool and see the result.

Long Tail Keyword Suggestion By Keyword Tool

From the above result, keyword tools give 11 search result for the same keyword “short tail keywords”.

For a free user keywordtool.io gives only search results related to the keyword and hides the other information like

If you want 2x more results and above features that you can subscribe to their Pro version Keyword Tool Pro.


To use this as free tool we need to register for a free account. And there is no search limit to find the long tail keywords. We just need to enter the seed keyword into the search box and generate suggestions.

InstaKeywords tool giving hundreds of keyword suggestions with valuable keyword data like keyword’s global search volume, local search volume, the number of searches in last month, Cost per click (CPC), etc.

InstaKeywords Free Long Tail Keyword Tool

I have searched the keyword “SEO tools” as a seed keyword and you can see the long tail keywords suggestion by the tool.

Free Long Tail Keyword Tool Instakeywords



It is a very simple tool to find the long tail keywords. Before using it you need to register yourself to avail the free limited service. It is providing kparser rank and hiding the CPC and search volume for the long tail keyword that is the downside of this tool.

Kparser Long Tail Keyword

The only good features I like is the left side window, where we can select the word that should be included in the finding of long tail keywords.

Free Online Tool for Keyword Research Alternative to Google Planne


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