Facebook Widget : Drive More Facebook Traffic to Your Website

A facebook widget or facebook fan box is added to the website or blog to increase social presence. There are the different question in mind like what is the widget and why we are using the widget. And how widget enhances the user experience using the application.

What is widget?

A widget is a small piece of code with some UI to interact with the main program. For a larger program or application, a widget shows or perform very limited and important features of the main application.

We should not assume that widget is similar to the icons. The icons are the shortcut of the main program. Means whenever we click on the icon it loads the application or the program and using the full functionality of the application.

What is a facebook widget or fan box?

We must have seen the facebook widget on a different website showing the like and share button in it. It increases the social presence of the website or blog.

Facebook Widget

A widget is added to get the facebook like and share without going to the actual page. So the owner of the page can easily promote the facebook page on the go.

How to create or add facebook widget?

The good part of the fan box  is that we do not need to create it. There is link facebook for developers where we can get a different piece of code like share button, like button, a social plugin to add the website page or blog. Simply follow the instruction given there and add that code to the page.

Once we have learned how to add facebook widget, we can add this widget to the website page, android phone, wordpress, email and email signature.

What are the benefits of social widgets?

A website or blog is the only a way to reach the people. To promote the page we need to do the marketing in different aspects. And it takes some time and money to do it. The facebook widget makes this task eash for the webmaster.

Free Advertising

We know that facebook widget has the like and share button. And if we added to our page. People visiting the page some time might want to share that piece of information or whatever there on the page to their friends. So this is also kind of marketing people are doing for us and it’s free.

People tend to trust more if it is promoted by the friends. So definitely the social widget adds the value to the page and leads to good business.

Increase Traffic

A page or post shared or liked to get some benefit in terms of ranking. If people are sharing your content you will get some additional traffic.

Search engine ranks well a page if it is popular on the social network.

Other Social Buttons

There are different other social networking sites to consider while adding the social widget to the website or blog.

As we know the Facebook user is quite good in numbers but if we consider other like twitter, google plus, Pinterest, Linkedin, Tumblr and WhatsApp definitely we touch some new user. This new user could be a potential buyer, customer or client.

Facebook widgets for wordpress


Facebook Widget Jetpack


Jetpack is very good all in one tool for the WordPress. It has the following features.

  • Traffic and SEO Tools
  • Security and Backup Services
  • Content Creation
  • Discussion and Community
  • Expert Support
  • Paid Services

The Automatic sharing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Reddit, and WhatsApp makes it great for the webmaster who wants to add the social widget.

The measure features of the plugin is free but for full features, you can buy their services.

Apart from the features of a normal facebook widget. It also has features to read a recent post from the page, send the message to the page and page event.
Simple Facebook Plugin - Facebook Widget

Facebook Like Box Widget

This is simple widget showing the facebook like and recent comment made at the facebook page. Also showing the facebook post to the widget where the user can see and comment.

Facebook Widget
It is light weight widget that can be used easily as we use the other plugin. Install the plugin and activate it.  It can be configured from the admin area. You just need to add facebook id and page URL to it.

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