How To Find Low Competition Keywords and Rank Top In Google Search

While doing SEO many times we read that Content is the King. But the King can be defeated if we have not done the right keyword research. To rank well in Google SERP the measure focus should be on how to find low competition keywords.

What Are Low Competition Keywords

A low competition keyword is easy to rank in Google top 10 results because there are no big authority sites with high PA, DA and back links.

While keyword research there is a point that should be considered that is keyword competition or keyword difficulty. If competition is high for a keyword it’s hard to rank well in Google #1 page.

And if your page is not ranked in #1 position you will not get the expected amount of traffic to your page. The pages are ranked at 2 and further pages there are very fewer chances of getting good traffic on those places.

What Is The Benefit To Be On Google First Page

As we all know ranking on Google first page with rank #1 gives huge traffic and this leads us a good business. The #1 rank in search result gets around 33% of total traffic and remaining goes to lower ranked links.

If the page containing the paid advertisement (ad) then about 10% of click goes to paid ads and 90% clicks to Google organic links.

A searcher main focus is on Google organic search results because searcher knows that Google gives the most relevant pages in the search results.

So now you can understand easily why to rank on #1 rank on a Google page.

Everyone is trying to be on Google first page. Here is a fight of ranking at #1 position.

If we focus the low competition keyword we can easily be at top of the page.

How To Find Low Competition Keywords

People new to SEO generally do the keyword research but forget to consider the keyword competition or even they don’t know how to find low competition keywords.

Keyword Research

We generally do the keyword research with different points in mind like high search volume, high CPC, high market value and search trends but do not forget keyword competition or keyword difficulty.  Before writing the content make sure focus keyword can make position in the top 10 Google rank.

Before going to find low competition keywords make sure you have done the keyword research. Make a list of seed keywords and check the competition for those seed keywords.

Find Long Tail Keywords

Most of the time short tail keywords have high competition and not easy to rank on the first page. At the time of keyword research learn how to find long tail keywords for good conversion and add in the list of the keywords.

Long tail keywords generally have a low competition and low search volume but chances of conversion are high. Because in long tail keywords the searcher intent is totally targeted. As soon as he or she finds the page relevant to their search term they converted into sell or calls to action and boosts in business.

Keyword Difficulty

Because there may be some giants in your niche who already acquired the position at top 10 positions with high domain and page authority. We can not fight with those big uncles. Instead of fighting with those crocodiles find the keywords that have very low competition so you can rank there for those keywords easily.

So here is some point you can consider while finding the keyword competition.

  • check the page who are not well optimized
  • avoid high domain authority and page authority pages
  • less quality back links
  • few pages with DA and PA below 20 or 30

But getting all the above parameter manually and deciding the keywords are not easy.

So It’s time to take a tool that can help you in finding the low competition keywords.

Tools For Finding Low Competition Keywords

Once you have done the keyword research and you got the list of keywords. You can go for finding keyword competition.


This toolbar lets you find the keyword difficulty at the first before going to the other keyword difficulty tools.


Install the MozBar into your browser. Create the Moz account and login. MozBar lets you find the PA, DA, and links while research on the go.


Now in a google search, I am searching the keyword black shoes for men and country is India.

SERP Analysis For Low Competition Keywords MozBar

Highlighted places showing there are chances of getting rank on the first page of SERP. We can find the keyword difficulty thoroughly using the MozBar.


By MozBar, we just thoroughly found that we can rank in the google top 10 results. Here we are using one tool to find the keyword difficulty.

Finding Low Competition Keyword Using Ferzy

This tool also shows us that for the keyword black shoes for men we can rank in the Google top 10 rank easily with score 28.


One more tool you can use to find the keyword difficulty for the same keyword and geo-location.

Find Keyword Difficulty-KeywordRevealer

This tool gives much information to make an idea about the keyword competition or keyword difficulty.

Keyword Difficulty Analysis

This tool also tells that the keyword is easy to rank in top 10 google result.

Finally, we are able to find the low competition keyword with the help of different keyword difficulty tools.

Now create a good length, informative, engaging content and optimized around the keyword. So you can beat the less optimized pages easily.

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