How To Find LSI Keywords For SEO And Boost Page Ranking Smartly

LSI keywords are very important terminology if you write content for your blog or website. LSI keywords are the keywords related to your primary or seed keyword.

To find the exact meaning of the Latent Semantic Indexing(LSI) keywords. I did a lot of research and I found two opinions about the LSI keyword. One is Synonyms or Similar Keywords and second is Latent Semantic Indexing(LSI) Keywords that is Sentimentally Related Keywords.

How To Find LSI Keywords In SEO

Similar keywords could be closely related or relevant terms.

As per my research, I totally agree that LSI Keywords are Sentimentally Related Keywords.

Most bloggers experienced an improvement in visitors traffic to their blog after using and understanding the Latent Semantic Indexing keywords.

So let’s understand what is LSI keywords?

What Are LSI Keywords?

If a person writing a page about the “traveling”. You will naturally include the words like “visit”,”accommodation”, “hotel”, “trip”,”booking”. The search engine crawler or robot like this page and find it more relevant to your primary keyword.

Some people say that Synonyms or Similar words are LSI keywords. But I don’t agree all the time. I mainly focused on Sentimentally Related words that describe or tells about the primary keywords.

  • Apple – (fruit, red, green, deciduous, sweet, nutrients, tree, etc.)
  • Apple – (iPhone, products, gadget, smartphone, computer, hardware, etc.)

The word inside the bracket is the LSI keywords. And by using those keywords in a content search engine like google can decide the apple is a fruit or a gadget.

After Google’s Panda update Google trying to find the information about the content. To check the content that is related to the keyword used in the page. People who understand the SEO they just place the keywords at appropriate place and get the better rank.

LSI Keywords: Boost Your SEO Score And Rank Higher

You may be trying to find out What is Latent Semantic Indexing in SEO? And how it will be helpful in ranking the page better.

If you search a term “apple” in a google search. How google will know what result you want about a “fruit” or a “gadget“.

Find LSI Keywords By Google Search Related To

When I make a search for “apple”. The complete SERP  is filled with the apple product may be because of the commercial intent. But the term doesn’t differential with “fruit” and “gadget”. So at the end Searches related to apple. Google know may be a user searching for apple fruit. So one result is there.

When I search for images. Google is not sure what I am searching fruit or gadget. So both the result is coming.

What if you search for “car”. A “vehicles” or “an animated Disney movie”. The Google search engine is not sure about the user intent a vehicle or movie. So it is showing both the result throughout.

Benefits of LSI Keywords

As we know, search engine always looking for a relevant and in depth content for the search query. It is not easy for Google to find what the content is all about. To make the google crawler task easier. We should use the LSI keywords while writing the content.

LSI Keywords Examples and Using It To Improve SEO

Here suppose we write content for the keyword “cars“. The following latent semantic keywords will help the google crawler to decide about the keywords and their Latent Semantic Indexing keywords.

Here are few examples of LSI Keywords.

  • Cars—vehicles (vehicle, sports cars, repair, buy, new, sell, dealers, used, best deals, good condition, etc.)
  • Cars—an animated Disney movie (movie, produced by, film, directed by, motion picture, Walt Disney, etc.)
  • Apple – (fruit, red, green, deciduous, sweet, nutrients, tree, etc.)
  • Apple – (iPhone, products, gadget, smartphone, computer, hardware, etc.)

So if you use these words in your content google will benefit you in terms of search ranking. And also content will tell the google what all it is about. This is what we want if we do SEO.

How To Find LSI Keywords?

Now we understand what is LSI keywords? So the next move is finding the LSI keywords for the blog and websites. We have different methods and tools to find the LSI keywords.

Finding LSI Keywords Using Google Searches Related To Feature

Here we make a search using the word “keyword” in the google search engine. You can find some related LSI keywords at the bottom of the SERP results.

How To Find LSI Keywords By Google Search Related To

You may find several related keywords but you have to do some keyword research based on the seed keyword. This is simply a suggestion by the google. You have to decide and select the keywords based on your intent.

Finding LSI Keywords From Google SERP As Bold Text

Here I searched for the keyword “computer repair“. I just picked two results from the SERP. You can see laptop repair” and “PC repair” are in bold text. It means by Google LSI algorithm all the texts are semantically same.

Finding LSI Keywords From Google SERP As Bold Text

You don’t need to use keyword computer repair every time in the page. You can use other similar and semantically same words.

Finding LSI Keywords Using The Google Autosuggestion

When we go for a google search. It automatically suggests similar intent keyword phrases. Targeting a single keyword throughout some time results in keyword stuffing.

Finding LSI Keywords Using The Google Autosuggestion

So we can use some more keywords from the auto-suggestion tool of Google. And make a list of LSI keywords.


Finding The LSI Keywords With Some Tools

Apart from the google we some best tools to find LSI keywords with no time. The main part of LSI keyword research is how to select the right keywords for your content. It will take some time and come from some experience.

Google Keyword Planner Tool To Find LSI Keywords

I generally use google keyword planner tool to find the keyword search volume and competition. But now I come to know that It can be used to find the LSI keywords.

Keyword Ideas

In google planner type the keyword and press the button get ideas. You will get a list of keywords. Now select the keywords that are the best match with your keyword intent.

Find LSI Keywords By Keyword Planner Keyword Ideas

Here I used the keyword “keyword research“.

Ad Group Ideas

We all know about the ad group ideas in the Google planner tool. But never used to find the LSI keywords.

Find LSI Keywords By Keyword Planner Ads Group Ideas

The blue bolded text can be used as LSI keywords. Select the keywords that are most relevant to your primary keyword.

LSIGraph: LSI Keyword Generator

LSIGraph is a free LSI keyword generator tool for your SEO needs. It has a simple interface and easy to use the tool. Enter your target keyword, check the google captcha and press generate.

LSIGraph LSI Keyword Generator

You will get lots of LSI keywords. You can select and add the keywords to your list. Google also like the pages who have a good amount of LSI keywords used in the content. And gives a better ranking in the search result.

While selecting the keywords make sure you select the similar intent keywords for better ranking. By using the LSI keywords we can rank for other semantically similar keywords. So finally we have a huge traffic for the given keyword term.

Twinword: Find Trending LSI Graph Keywords

Find Trending LSI Graph

Twinword is awesome keyword research tool with the following features.

  • User Intent Filter
  • Relevance Score
  • Import Feature
  • Trending and LSI Graph

We mainly focus on finding LSI keywords using the LSI Graph.

In the search bar, we are searching the word “car“. And see the results in LSIGraph.

Find LSI Graph By Twinword

At the center of the graph, I have colored the keyword with red. The keywords that are close to the word ”car” are semantically more relevant.  Let’s see what are the keywords I found from the graph.


List of LSI Keywords for the “car” keywords from the above image.

  • vehicle, driving, dashboard, chassis, automobile
  • accident, racing, engine, driver, wheel, taxi, cab

While writing the content for the keyword “car” make sure the proper use of those keywords in the content. This keyword gives the signal to google crawler or robot that this is a vehicle, not a movie.

And in less effort, Google decides about the page content. You help the google so in return it will rank you better than other pages.


Now you have the list of the LSI keywords. Remove that are not relevant to your primary keyword. And use the keywords naturally as you write the content. Google love LSI keywords.

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