12 Qualities Of Best Web Hosting Companies & Choosing A Web Host Smartly

Choosing a web host is not finding the best web hosting companies. It is to find hosting service that is best suited for your requirements.

Still looking for the best web hosting companies?

But how to choose a web host perfectly for your website or blog.

Do you know how will you find the best web hosting companies?

How To Choosing A Web Host

Make a list of measure features you want. And choose the hosting service accordingly.

When people are searching all such type of questions. Preferably they are willing to mark their presence online. We all know to host a website or blog we need website hosting service. And the most difficult task is how to select the best web hosting provider.

The definition of best web hosting is changing person to person or it depends on the use. A perfect for one might not be perfect for other. We should have our own selection criteria. Yes, you can consider the following web hosting features while choosing the right host.

First, make a list of features you are expecting. Now search which hosting company fulfilling the most.

Best Features Of Choosing A Web Host

Now you can easily select the best web host based on the following features.


The Internet is all about the speed. If your website page is loading very slow. The user never stays there. They will move to other websites. There is a 3 seconds rule. A popular stats says that your page should be loaded in 3 seconds to get the better conversion.


For a small or medium business website, our primary goal is how much data I can store over the web site hosting. This is a physical space at the computer server.

The hosting providers giving it from some GB to unlimited as they claim. Generally, If we go to a website that includes lots of images and videos. Then we required a good amount of hosting space. If you take more space they will charge more.

Some hosting provider claim “Unlimited Hosting Space“. But I don’t think so. Read their terms and conditions. They provide Unlimited on certain condition. Be careful at this stage.


What is the bandwidth? Let’s understand it.

This is the amount of data that can be served by the hosting providers to the website visitors. When a user visits our website page basically they are downloading the page to their computer and see it. So basically we consumed some bandwidth provided by the host. And this way visitors keep coming visiting the page and us down our bandwidth.

If we have increased in user traffic then we should go to a higher bandwidth plan. Otherwise, our server will down and no one can visit the website pages. And definitely, the host will charge extra for this.

Let’s understand this with an example.

If you have a website with 500 hundred visitors a day. The average page views per visitor are 2. And the average size of the page is 600Kb.

Now calculate the bandwidth for a month.

=> Total Visitors x Average Page Views x Average Page Size x 30 Days

=> 500 x 2 x 600 x 30  = 1,80,00,000 KB

=> or  17578 MB

=> or 17 GB per Month

So take bandwidth at least more than 17 GB like 25 or 30 GB. And keep monitoring the traffic also. It will let you decide to go for a higher plan.


The website may go down due to some technical issues. Every time a visitor visit to the website it may give some business to the website owner. If a website is down you will lose your visitors and business. Apart from the business, you will also lose the trust, reputation and user experience.

So make sure you have the best website host with good uptime.

Up Time

Up time means your server is ready and you may visit the website page. Every website owner wants their website to be live every time. So we want a host that assure us to give 100% uptime. But if we go in deep it is not possible all the way.

Some time some inevitable circumstances make the host down like natural disaster, virus attack, technical issue. Otherwise, most of the web hosting providers claiming to about 99.9% uptime and this is very promising for a user.

You may also search the web about your web host how their service is like user review and complaints.


We need a domain for a website. There is a different case to discuss it like.

  • Do host provide a free domain: Some hosting providers giving a free domain to attract the new users. So you can also try out whether you are getting or not.
  • How many domains I can host: We can host more than one domain on the same hosting account if the host allows us. So before buying hosting plan check how many websites or domain you can host at the same hosting. It will also reduce some cost to your pocket.HostGator Web Hosting - HostGator Web HostingThis hosting plan is from Hostgator. In their enterprise plan, we can host up to 5 domains.
  • Renewal price of the domain: To attract the first time a new customer, they providing the domain name either free or at very low cost for the first year. But next year at the time of renewal you have to pay a little bit more. So be calculative while buying the domain.

Security & Access Control

Security is a major concern in website hosting because It directly affects the business. And at the hosting side, there are different security measures that should be taken place like.

  • Back-Up: Many hosts take back-up for website data at a regular interval like daily, weekly or monthly to avoid some emergency cases. Some host provides the manual back up plan. A user can take the backup of the website while updating the website.
  • Reboot: At the time of website update or some technical issue, we required to reboot the server. This is not possible with shared web hosting. This facility is generally provided to VPN and dedicated hosting.
  • Authentication: The hosting should have a good authentication mechanism to control the fake one.
  • Privacy & Integrity: The internal access of the website data is not accessible to any other source that is the privacy of the host. There are a lot of attackers and hackers constantly willing to harm the website to get ransom from the website owner. Both levels should be considered by the hosting company.

Email Account and Features

Once we setup the website we need different email accounts. Check how many email account we can create with the hosting provider. Also, check what different features are associated with the email.

Email Features NamecheapThe above image is from the Namecheap hosting. You can see how many email account we can create and what are the features associated with the email.

Database Support

At older days most of the website were static. But now some website is totally dynamic. Pages are loaded from the database. We use some kind of form in the website for login or register. All data from the form goes to the database.

For normal website MySQL database is sufficient. You may have some more option like PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server.

Framework Support

Many web host providing support different blogging system, CMS, and framework like WordPress. And using these with your host is almost easy to install.

Around 27% of the internet website is covered by the WordPress.

Technical Support

We know working with website or blog and hosting it on the server is technical game. There are certain technical issues there.

Before buying hosting plan make sure how your hosting provider helps you. Check some services or facility before going to host:

  • Email Support
  • Phone Support
  • Live Chat Support
  • Promise Response Time
  • Tutorial, Article about the issue

You should know the above support types before buying hosting.

Language Support

We know that PHP and  Ruby on Rails server side language is present and they run at server. We develop the website using those languages.

Suppose I have done the website with the PHP as server side language. Make sure it is supported by your host. You should check what language you are working and it is supported by the hosting server.

Best Web Hosting Companies List

  1. Bluehost
  2. Inmotion
  3. Sitground
  4. iPage
  5. HostGator
  6. GoDaddy
  7. LiquidWeb
  8. CloudWays
  9. DreamHost
  10. Namecheap


If I talk personally, A beginner doesn’t know much technical stuff. And they are not focusing all the points initially.

Do you know how the beginner choosing a web host?

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